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multipodicity's Journal

The Podfic Repod Challenge
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A challenge community for repoding

Welcome to the Podfic Repod Challenge

What is Repodding
Simply put, it's making a podfic of a story that's already been podficced. So now one story has to interpretations out there!

Why would we do this?
Every reader brings a unique interpretation of the text. One reader will read a scene with a tinge of sadness, another with hopefulness. Some readers do voices, others add music to their podfics. Not to mention everyone has their own sound, feel and style. Two people can read the same fic and still produce two very different, yet equally awesome podfics.

This year, October is repod month and we'll be accepting repods from any and all who want to participate, no sign ups required. If you'd like for someone to repod one of your podfics, you can put the suggestion out there (no promises it'll be filled though) by adding your name to one (or both) of these posts: DW or LJ

Posting Format
The suggested posting format is as follows:

Please feel free to post repods here, year 'round too! This comm is a safe space for all repods and repod discussions, feel free to use it as such.

Your mod here is paraka, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email is parakaproductions at gmail dot com (I don't like getting DMs so I'd prefer email, or you can leave me random comments on my journal).